Faces of Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a vibrant tapestry woven from 172 different nationalities, making it one of the most diverse cities in the world. Who are the people behind this number? Inspired by this incredible diversity, I'm launching a stunning portrait series. Through these portraits, exhibited across the city later this and next year,
I want to celebrate the unique faces and stories that make Rotterdam special. Project in progress now and scheduled to be released later in 2024.



I came here for...

Love, study, work, or something else... Why, of all the places in the world, was Rotterdam chosen? 172 stories.




Meet the people behind the numbers. Exhibitions in various locations in Rotterdam and via the website. 172 photos.




Never before has an attempt been made to capture all the nationalities in Rotterdam in one project. This is the identity of Rotterdam.



Faces of Rotterdam: A Photographic Exploration of Diversity
“Curious about the people behind the numbers,” photographer Robert Tjalondo embarked on this project after encountering the cold statistic of 172 nationalities residing in Rotterdam. Not just a statistic, each number represents a unique story, a journey that led them to this vibrant city. This project seeks to capture these stories through captivating portraits, revealing the human faces behind the diverse mosaic of Rotterdam.
Driven by questions like “Why Rotterdam?” and “What are their experiences?”, Robert aims to create a visual narrative that celebrates the city’s richness and fosters understanding between its multicultural residents.
Join us on this journey of discovery! Explore the portraits, delve into the stories, and be inspired by the human spirit of Rotterdam. To be completed later in 2024. Stay tuned!” 
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The 172 Nationalities

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Behind every number, a dream. Behind every dream, a story. Discover the human faces of Rotterdam's diversity in 172 portraits.

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