Call for Rotterdam Portraits


A Dream of Rotterdam Portraits

Rotterdam, a vibrant tapestry woven from 170 + nationalities, ignites a spark within me. This incredible diversity begs to be captured – not just in statistics, but in the faces and stories of the people who make this city their home.
Imagine: 170 + portraits, each representing a different heritage, coming together to showcase the very soul of Rotterdam. First-generation immigrants, who chose Rotterdam (or perhaps fate brought them here), would share their unique perspectives.
What stories would unfold? How did they find their place in this dynamic city? What threads connect them to their fellow Rotterdammers, despite their diverse backgrounds?
This, my friends, is the project taking root in my mind. Exhibitions across the city,  a book… the details are still being woven, but the vision is clear.
Could you be one of those faces? Do you know someone who embodies the spirit of Rotterdam’s diverse soul?
In Rotterdam’s rich history, a city known for its innovative spirit, this has never been attempted before. This project has the potential to be truly groundbreaking.
Stay tuned… this dream is just beginning.

Robert Tjalondo

February. 2024


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